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Rajesh Narwal

Rajesh Narwal is a professional Indian Kabaddi player who plays as an All-rounder in the Pro Kabaddi League team of Jaipur Pink Panthers. Pro Kabaddi League, Rajesh Narwal contributed significantly to the Jaipur Pink Panthers over the span of four seasons, including a championship win in the inaugural season. During his tenure with the club, he participated in 60 games, proving his value as one of the league’s top all-rounders. With an average of 4.43 raid points and 1.40 tackle points per match, his performance consistently enhanced the team’s competitiveness. Rajesh Narwal is currently lending his kabaddi expertise to the UP Yoddha team in the Pro Kabaddi League.


Rajesh Narwal, also known as Angry Young Man, was born on Sunday, 8 July 1990 (33 years old; as of 2023), in Sonipat, Haryana. His zodiac sign is Cancer. Rajesh Narwal embarked on his kabaddi journey at the tender age of 12. His innate talent and relentless determination accelerated his ascent in the sport. Recognizing his potential, he was chosen for the Indian national team in 2006, marking a significant milestone in his career. He has been coached by J. Udaya Singh. Apart from his distinguished kabaddi career, Rajesh Narwal is also employed at Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) in Sonepat. He does not solely depend on his prowess and fame in kabaddi for his family’s sustenance, demonstrating his dedication to ensuring financial stability.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10″

Weight (approx.): 75 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Body Measurements (approx.): Chest: 44″, Waist: 34″, Biceps: 16″

Rajesh Narwal Kabaddi


Rajesh belongs to a farmer family in the small village of Sonepat, Haryana.

Parents & Siblings

Rajesh’s father is a farmer, and his mother is a housemaker.

Rajesh' father and son

Rajesh’s father and son

Rajesh Narwal's mother

Rajesh Narwal’s mother

He also has a brother.

Rajesh's family

Rajesh’s family

Wife & Children

Rajesh was blessed with a son, whom he calls Tiger.

Rajesh with his son

Rajesh with his son


Rajesh Narwal is a devoted follower of Hinduism, finding spiritual fulfillment and peace in visiting temples. He takes pleasure in engaging with various yogis and spiritual leaders, reflecting his deep commitment to his faith and his quest for spiritual growth and understanding. He usually writes #जय महाकाल on most of his social media posts.

Rajesh takes blessing of a spiritual baba

Rajesh takes the blessing of a spiritual baba


Position: All-Rounder

League: Pro Kabbadi League

Debut: Pink Panthers (2014)

Coached By: J. Udaya Singh

Teams Played For: Pink Panthers (2014-2016), UP Yoddhas (2017- 2021), Dabangg Delhi K.C (2022- Present)

Pro Kabaddi League

Rajesh Narwal, a Pro Kabaddi League veteran, has had a significant stint with the Jaipur Pink Panthers across four seasons, a tenure highlighted by a championship in the first season. Known as one of the top all-rounders in the league, Narwal has impressive stats with an average of 4.43 raid points and 1.40 tackle points per match. He’s been a defensive powerhouse with 77 successful tackles out of 183 attempts.

Rajesh in Jaipur Pink Panthers

Rajesh in Jaipur Pink Panthers


He joined UP Yoddha for Rs. 69 lakhs in a recent auction, further contributing 277 raid points and 100 tackle points, making him the third-best all-rounder in PKL history.

Rajesh in UP Yoddhas

Rajesh in UP Yoddhas

Currently, Narwal graces the squad of Dabangg Delhi K.C.


  • He won the Best All-Rounder Award 25th PSPB Kabaddi tournament.

    Rajesh become the Best All-Rounder Player

    Rajesh become the Best All-Rounder Player


  • Pro Kabaddi Season 8: Haryana Steelers 10 Lakh, SOLD
  • Pro Kabaddi Season 6: Dabang Delhi KC 16 Lakh, SOLD
  • Pro Kabaddi Season 5: UP Yoddha 69 Lakh, SOLD
  • Pro Kabaddi Season 4: Jaipur Pink Panthers 18 Lakh, SOLD

Net Worth

He has a Net Worth of approximately 5 Million Dollars.

Car Collection

He owns a white Toyota SUV and a black 7-seater car.

Rajesh with his car

Rajesh with his car

Rajesh with his black car

Rajesh with his black car


  • Hobby: Music
  • Actors: Bachchan Family
  • Song: “Hafte me chaar shanivaar hone chahiye”


  • Rajesh loves music and enjoys playing guitar in his free time.

    Rajesh playing guitar

    Rajesh playing guitar

  • Rajesh Narwal has exhibited remarkable sportsmanship in his Pro Kabaddi League career. Despite the intense physicality of kabaddi, he has managed to play 60 games without receiving a single yellow or red card, a testament to his discipline and adherence to the game’s rules.
  • Rajesh Narwal is not just dedicated to kabaddi but is also an avid fitness enthusiast. He enjoys working out both in the gym and outdoors, believing in the power of regular exercise. Beyond his personal fitness regimen, he is passionate about encouraging others to adopt a daily workout routine. He aims to use his influence to promote fitness and inspire individuals to prioritize their health and well-being through regular exercise.
    Rajesh working out in a gym

    Rajesh working out in a gym

    Rajesh working outdoors

    Rajesh working outdoors

  • A devout worshipper of Mahadev, Rajesh Narwal frequently immerses himself in prayer and meditation, often invoking and chanting the name of Mahadev. This spiritual practice offers him tranquility and a deeper connection to his faith, demonstrating his profound devotion to his religion.

    Rajesh meditating

    Rajesh meditating

  • In the Pro Kabaddi League, Narwal’s favorite teammate and partner on the field has been Jasvir Singh, the captain of Jaipur Pink Panthers. The two of them have crafted a robust raiding alliance that has been formidable for their opponents. Displaying a strong bond and mutual support, they never missed an opportunity to bring the other back into the game as soon as one was declared out, signifying their exemplary teamwork.
  • Rajesh is passionate about nurturing the younger generation of athletes. He takes pleasure in training them, sharing his vast knowledge and experience in Kabaddi. His goal is to inspire these young aspirants, encouraging them to hone their skills and strive to become accomplished athletes in their own right.

    Rajesh training the young ones

    Rajesh training the young ones

  • Rajesh Narwal has earned the moniker of the ‘angry young man’ within the Jaipur Pink Panthers team due to his intensity and passion for the game. His high standards for himself and his team often result in him vocalizing his frustration when errors are made. This fiery demeanor, while intimidating, speaks to his dedication and desire for excellence in the sport of Kabaddi.
  • During his tenure with the Jaipur Pink Panthers across four seasons, the versatile all-rounder, Rajesh Narwal, featured in 60 matches, amassing a grand total of 350 points. His inaugural season was particularly impressive, witnessing him score a robust tally of 98 points. In the following three seasons, he maintained a consistent performance by scoring over 80 points each season, further solidifying his position as a reliable and high-impact player.
  • Rajesh enjoys spending his time in the water and loves to swim as well.

    Rajesh after taking a swim

    Rajesh after taking a swim

  • Rajesh Narwal holds a deep devotion for Mahadev, a sentiment he’s chosen to etch on his skin. He sports a tattoo of Mahakal, a manifestation of Lord Shiva, on his arm, a testament to his strong faith and reverence.

    Rajesh's Mahakal Tattoo

    Rajesh’s Mahakal Tattoo

  • Rajesh Narwal has graced the ramp, showcasing his off-field talents by participating in a fashion show organized by the Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD).

    Rajesh at IFFD ramp walk

    Rajesh at the IFFD ramp walk

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