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Meraj Sheykh

Meraj Sheykh (باخداباش پادشاهي كن) is a professional kabaddi player from Iran. He plays as an all-rounder and is currently a key player for Delhi Dabang K.C. in the Pro Kabaddi League, having previously been part of the Telugu Titans. Highly esteemed in the PKL, Sheykh is universally acknowledged as a top-ranking all-rounder. His incredible agility and flexibility are instrumental in his team’s success, contributing significantly to offensive raiding and defensive maneuvers. Sheykh’s signature move, the Scorpion Kick, is infamous among his adversaries. With his formidable strength and precision, he adeptly unsettles his opponents, possessing the ability to carry any player over the center line.


Meraj Sheykh, also known as Cheetah and Magical Meraj, was born on Thursday, 26 May 1988 (35 years old; as of 2023), in Sistan, Iran. Meraj Sheykh embarked on his kabaddi journey at the tender age of 12, even though he initially dedicated his efforts to a full-fledged wrestling career. Despite having honed his wrestling skills over a decade, he found himself compelled to transition to kabaddi due to certain challenging circumstances. His extensive wrestling training endowed him with enhanced flexibility and speed, which later proved invaluable in his kabaddi career. His formidable strength and agility often took his opponents by surprise, and soon, he began participating in professional competitions.

My coach told me that I should pursue Kabaddi instead of wrestling”

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10″

Weight (approx.): 75 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Body Measurements (approx.): Chest: 46″, Waist: 32″, Biceps: 16″

Meraj Sheykh Kabaddi


Meraj was born into an Islamic family in the Sistan province of Iran.

Parents & Siblings

Meraj's father

Meraj’s father

Wife & Children

Meraj was blessed with a daughter named Sofiya.

Meraj with his daughter

Meraj with his daughter- Sofiya


He follows Islam.


Position: All-Rounder

League: Pro Kabbadi League

Debut: Season 2

Teams Played For: Telugu Titans, Delhi Dabang


In the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup final, Meraj Sheykh played on behalf of his country, leading them to a commendable second-place finish, with India securing the championship. He also showcased his leadership skills by captaining the Iranian team in the 2018 Dubai Kabaddi Masters, where Iran commendably finished as runners-up.

Pro Kabaddi League

Season 2

Meraj Sheykh first stepped into the Pro Kabaddi scene in Season 2 as part of the Telugu Titans, making history as the inaugural foreign player to captain a Pro Kabaddi team when he was chosen as the skipper for the latter half of the season. In his debut season with the Titans, Sheykh delivered a sterling performance, earning 29 raid points and contributing 9 tackle points.

Meraj in Season 2 of PKL

Meraj in Season 2 of PKL

Season 3

During Pro Kabaddi’s third season, Sheykh continued to demonstrate his prowess by securing 27 raid points and 21 tackle points. However, in the subsequent season, he transitioned to a new team, marking a significant change in his career trajectory.

Meraj in Season 3 of PKL

Meraj in Season 3 of PKL

Season 4

In the fourth season of Pro Kabaddi, Sheykh transitioned to Dabang Delhi and was appointed as the team captain. Embracing the added responsibilities, the Iranian all-rounder thrived and delivered an impressive performance, accumulating 63 raid points and 12 tackle points.

Season 5

Season 5 marked a high point in Sheykh’s career in terms of point accumulation. He amassed 96 raid points, added 8 tackle points, and reached a milestone of 50 tackle points in the league’s history. With a total of 104 points, Sheykh emerged as the top all-rounder in the fifth edition of Pro Kabaddi, highlighting his outstanding performance.

Meraj as top all rounder in Season 5

Meraj as top all-rounder in Season 5

Season 6

During the sixth season, Sheykh maintained his successful raiding streak, earning a remarkable 94 raid points. However, the tally of his tackle points witnessed a drop, with him managing to secure just 3 from 19 matches, reflecting a challenging phase for the Iranian all-rounder.


  • He won a silver medal in the 2016 World Cup.

    2016 World Cup runner up medal

    2016 World Cup runner-up medal

  • He was the Best overseas player in Season 5 of PKL.

    Meraj with Pro Kabaddi League trophy

    Meraj with Pro Kabaddi League trophy

  • He became the Best Foreign All-Rounder in Season 4 of PKL.


  • Pro Kabaddi Season 7: Dabang Delhi KC 72.00 L, RETAINED
  • Pro Kabaddi Season 6: Dabang Delhi KC 65.55 L, RETAINED
  • Pro Kabaddi Season 5: Dabang Delhi KC 57.75 L, RETAINED
  • Pro Kabaddi Season 4: Dabang Delhi KC 19.00 L, SOLD

Car Collection

He owns a blue luxury car.

Meraj's Blue Slingshot car

Meraj’s blue Slingshot car


  • Hobby: Travelling
  • Actor: Shah Rukh Khan


  • Meraj likes to spend time in the pool and swim to have fun and maintain good health.

    Meraj in a swimming pool

    Meraj in a swimming pool

  • In one of his matches, he was given the title of “Do or Die Player of the Match” and a reward for his outstanding performance.

    Meraj gets the Do or Die Player of the Match Title

    Meraj gets the “Do or Die Player of the Match” title

  • Meraj Sheykh distinguished himself as the best foreign kabaddi player in Season 4 of Pro Kabaddi, earning a commendable 75 points.
  • Despite his limited ability to communicate in Hindi and English, Meraj Sheykh transcended these linguistic barriers through his exceptional performance in the sport of kabaddi.
  • Meraj Sheykh holds a prestigious position on the elite list of renowned individuals born in Iran.
  • Meraj Sheykh’s signature move, the Scorpion Kick, is known for its spectacular flair, demanding both swift reflexes and exceptional flexibility. Executing the move involves Sheykh snapping his back knee upward to touch a defender as he reaches the mid-line, mirroring the sting of a scorpion. This striking resemblance to the arachnid’s action has earned the move its unique name, the Scorpion Kick.

    Meraj's scorpion kick

    Meraj’s scorpion kick

  • He enjoys working out in the gym and promotes fitness.

    Meraj in a gym

    Meraj in a gym

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